What does Part A cover?:

Part A will cover services and supplies deemed medically necessary to treat your desease or condition. Generally this includes Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, Nursing Home, Hospice, and Home Health cares. I can help answer general questions for what Medicare will and won't cover for you, however more specific questions need to be addressed to your doctor or health care provider.

What does Part B cover?:

Part B covers other medical supplies necsaary for diagnosing or treating your medical condition as well as preventative services. If you recieve preventative services (ie. early detection) from a healthcare provider who accepts assignment, you may pay nothing. Part B will cover things such as: clinical research, ambulence services, durable medical equipment, mental health, and second oppinions. Medicare Advantage

(Part C) and Drug Plans (Part D)

Are best discussed in person with either myself or your healthcare provider.

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